A 4-meter pool is the ideal choice for those seeking the perfect balance of space and functionality in their backyard oasis. Compact yet versatile, these pools offer an inviting retreat for relaxation, recreation, and family gatherings. Their manageable size makes them a practical addition to smaller outdoor areas while still providing ample room for swimming, splashing, and creating lasting memories. Whether you’re looking to beat the heat on a scorching summer day or host intimate poolside gatherings, a 4-meter pool offers the perfect solution.

$500 /per person

  • Size: Side A or C – 4.0m x 3.5m | Side B – 4.5m x 3.0m
  • Depth: 1.0m x 1.5m
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Here are some common 4M Pool FAQ's

Yes, a 4-meter pool is designed to accommodate both kids and adults for swimming and recreation. It offers a good balance between compact size and functionality, making it an excellent choice for families looking to enjoy water-based activities together.

Like all pools, regular maintenance is essential to keep a 4-meter pool in optimal condition. This includes tasks like water chemistry monitoring, cleaning, and filter maintenance. However, due to its smaller size, maintenance can be more manageable compared to larger pools.

Yes, you can customize the design and features of your 4-meter pool to suit your preferences. You can choose from various materials, finishes, and add-on features like lighting, water features, and pool heating to create a unique and personalized pool experience.

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