Pool Covers

The Thermal GeoBubble Cover is designed to utilise the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool using solar energy only. It floats on the surface of the water, bubble side down, and can be trimmed to fit all pool sizes and shapes.
The water temperature is raised by 6 to 8° C with the use of a Geo-Bubble Cover which extends the swimming season either side of summer. Temperate water makes for a more enjoyable summer/peak swimming season too.
It is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective where the cover is in use.
Water saving: it reduces water evaporation by 98%+ : because the cover is in direct contact with the water, it can’t evaporate, translating into significant water savings.

    The safest and easiest way to secure a swimming pool is by installing a safety net with a Central Tension System. It is operated by 11 pulleys built into the net with a central float. The float keeps the net at a constant height above the water, even if the water level rises. The float also supports the net toward the center of the pool.
    The Safety Net is a simple system that can be easily fitted and removed by an adult. A child cannot lift or crawl under the Safety Net.
    It is unlikely that there will ever be an occasion when a child is left unsupervised for any length of time. A Safety Net provides the extra minutes needed between a child wondering off on their own and the moment that they are missed.

        The Solid PVC Cover is a product which offers the user a number of benefits. Custom fitted to the pool, it stops 99% evaporation. Enables the user to stop chlorinating the pool for periods of time. It allows for a drastic reduction in filtration time to as little as an hour per day. The Solid PVC Cover will also prevent leaves, debris and dust from entering the pool. It is the perfect solution to minimise maintenance costs and to save on chlorine, water and electricity. It is not recommended as a safety cover.
        *The Solid PVC Cover is fitted, resting on the water and then secured to the paving surround. The majority of the material is lower than the surrounding paving. Due to the water supporting the material, it is possible for an adult to walk or stand on the cover.
        *When fitted, the Solid PVC Cover prevents any sunlight from entering the pool. Algae needs sunlight to grow. As a result it is possible to reduce chlorinating the pool to the barest minimum or to even stop all together. This should not be undertaken permanently and it is important to monitor general pool water conditions regularly. Test the pool water and correct chemical requirments accordingly before entering the pool.
        *It is possible to turn off the pool pump completely once the cover is fitted. Upon removal, the pool water will still be clear and useable. It is however recommended to run the pool pump for a minimum of one hour a day, to ensure that water remains circulating in the pool and filtration system.
        *If salt water chlorinator is in use, it is best to turn the chlorinator off when the Solid PVC Cover is on the pool. Failure to do so will see chlorine levels concentrating in the pool, which will affect the chemical balance of the pool water and adversely affect the lifespan of the Solid PVC Cover.
        *Please note: It is NOT recommended as a safety cover. The cover is not under tension and as such it is possible for a child to crawl under the cover. The cover will also collect rain water, forming a pool of water which can pose a potential drowning hazard.

        The Leaf Catcher Porous swimming pool cover is a very popular product, offering the pool owner a means to reduce swimming pool maintenance and running costs while keeping the pool free of leaves and debris.  Manufactured from shade cloth, the cover has a lifespan in excess of 10 years.  The Leaf Catcher is an excellent option to provide safety for small pets.
        *The Leaf Catcher is constructed from 55% density UV treated shade cloth available in blue or black.
        *The fitted cover does not rest on the water when in position.  Leaves and debris can blow off the surface of the cover or be brushed away.  The material is porous so rainwater does not collect on top of the cover when it rains.
        *The Leaf Catcher will reduce evaporation by up to 70 %. The material acts as a physical barrier over the pool surface area. UV light exposure of the swimming pool water is reduced thus reducing evaporation. Further to this, wind/airflow is greatly reduced by the presence of the cover, again assisting in evaporation savings.
        *The Leaf Catcher is tensioned across the pool and will support a small child or animal off the water at the edge of the pool. Should a child or animal walk/crawl onto the cover, the material will stretch as they move toward the center of the pool and may come into contact with the water. This could pose a potential drowning risk for a crawling baby, and as such it is not recommended that the Leaf Catcher is used as a safety device.
        *The Leaf Catcher is only applicable as a safety option for small (max 15 kg) animals. Large animals will cause the cover to stretch and also wear and possibly tear where the cover is in contact with the paving surround.

      Many pool owners don’t realise that a pool secured with a solid cover allows for not only peace of mind but significant house hold savings too. Whereas a pool net or pool fence (popular child safety devices around a pool) still leave pool water exposed to the natural elements (sun, wind, rain), our Solid Safety Cover forms an impenetrable barrier over the water. This results in:
      * Water savings: by reducing water evaporation by 98%+, less water is required to maintain optimum levels.
      * Reduced debris contamination: this cover prevents dirt, droppings and leaves from entering the pool water, the water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved, reducing the amount of filtration required.
      * Winter solution: the reduced upkeep and savings make the Solid Safety Cover a savvy solution for closing a pool in winter months or when not in use for long periods. Why spend money maintaining your pool when it is not in use? When opening the pool for summer, the pool is clean, clear and swim ready with little effort.
      *Available in blue, brown, beige, light or dark grey.