Fiberglass Linings

    Due to the fact that we specialize in Fiberglass & Marbelite swimming pools, we are aware of the necessity of using the correct materials and applications to give our clients long lasting satisfaction and pool use.
    We make use of only the best products on the market when applying a Marbelite finish. Marbelite ensures a superbly smooth and attractive finish that is also tremendously durable. Marbelite is a scientifically formulated mixture of white cement, white marble and special additives that permanently eliminates the need for painting.
    The resins and the pool coats we use when applying a Fiberglass lining are are pre-accelerated, rapid curing and are very high resistant to osmosis. The clear resin used over the mosaics has UV stabilizers to help against fading. The non-porous surface of fiberglass reduces the risk of bacterial build-up and is easy to clean and maintain.  It has a smooth finish, is durable and does not leak.
    Our years of experience in the swimming pool industry provides satisfactory results, lasting pleasure and a secured investment. We will gladly provide a list of multiple satisfied customers as our reference.

    We assure you of our best attention and service at all times!