The backwash water recycling unit makes it easier to maintain pool water levels and saves wasting thousands of litres of water.

The backwash tank recycling system is easy to use and eco-friendly. The tank is made of UV-resistant best food-grade, quality virgin LLDPE. The innovative design enables easy backwashing while saving water. The tank has purposefully located tap-off points, ensuring that only clean water is returned to your pool when you backwash. Dirty water can then be utilised in the garden.
The backwash outlet pipe from the pool pump is connected to the inlet pipe which allows the water to be pumped into the tank. The water is first cleaned and chlorinated with a special inline slow release chlorinator. This water is then left in the tank for 24 hours to allow the sediment and debris to settle to the bottom of the tank.
When this process is finished, the water is re-cycled back into the pool. This assists in maintaining the water level inside the pool without wasting water. The system also has a by-pass function to by-pass backwash water when needed.
This is ideal when "wasting" the pool to get rid of severe sludge build-up (water not suitable for re-cycling) or with the first seconds of the backwash water running through the system. This system can also be installed as an add-on to any existing pool filtration system.