Swimming Pool Manufacturing

Our Fiberglass swimming pools are extremely strong due to the superb raw materials and manufacturing process used. The strengths of a correctly manufactured Fiberglass swimming pool can be compared to that of a concrete swimming pool.
Hand laminated pools vs Chopper gun pools?
    It is not true that a thicker pool is the best, the thickness of a pool does not have any influence on the quality at all.
More facts about Fiberglass Swimming Pools:
One of the great advantages of a quality Fiberglass swimming pool is it tensile strength, which means a Fiberglass pool can be put into any ground condition where there is lots of movement that is caused by clay and other unstable conditions without cracking, as it can bend with the moving conditions underneath.
Fiberglass swimming pools are easy to maintain. This is largely due to a smoother non-porous finish that is found on a Fiberglass shell. Algae can be easily maintained and the overall effort put into your swimming pool is less. Fiberglass swimming pools can still stain, but removal can be relatively simple if the stain is no older than six months or so. This should, however, not occur with regular water testing and proper care of the pool.
The installation process of a Fiberglass swimming pool is generally easier, quicker and in most cases less damaging to your garden. Please inquire on time frames from your project manager.
Can a fiberglass swimming pool pop out of the ground due to underground water?
Important thing to remember regarding the water level inside a fiberglass swimming pool:
      - For best operation, keep the water level above the rectangular skimmer-box/weire on the pool wall.
        - Do Not Drain Your Pool!!!!!!
          Your fiberglass pool is designed to remain full of water at all times.
            If the pool is drained without proper directions, hydrostatic or ground pressure outside the pool could cause the structure to buckle or crack.
              In most cases damages to fiberglass pools results from improper pool drainage, if it becomes necessary to drain the pool, please contact us for assistance.